Thursday, August 21, 2008

One more day

to enter the drawing on the post below! I'll probably name winners around noon, my time. Thank you to everyone that is sending good wishes and congratulations. All of your words are so appreciated :)

I had my first chance yesterday to play with those CM Bountiful papers that I'm gifting (well, not the same - the winners will get unopened packs!). I love, love, love the prints! Very pretty and versatile. Here is a double-page layout that I made to send to an scs'er. She's gathering pages to donate to a little gal who is fighting cancer. Here is a link to the info if you'd like to donate as well. 8x8 pages are so quick to make, and I'm sure they will be very appreciated!

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  1. beautiful pgs. jennie...those papers are so fab!


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