Friday, August 22, 2008

what an awesome knock on the door!

I just got a special delivery of this fun:

It's the new special issue of Papercrafts Magazine, named Cards, Gifts & More - Papercrafting 3 Ways, and I have cards on page 25!! Whoo hoo! It's an awesome issue about stepping it up and changing it up, full of inspiration, and I am so proud to be a part of it :)

"There's Only One U" cards

1st version - pretty straight-forward

2nd version - add some bling with the shimmer flower and rhinestone and a glittery tab on the side

3rd version - now add some brads along the edge and some decorative stitching

I'm so excited, too, because I get a special dinner (or mocha sometimes) from my husband each time I get published! Whoo hoo for no cooking tonight!


  1. Yippe yippe yippe for you!! That is awesome!!! 25 pages...wowzers :) I love your card sample and how to do it 3 ways. I'm for sure getting that issue!! Have a nice dinner out! yeay

  2. gorgeous card Jennie...i love that last one with all the yummies on it! also enjoy your well deserved dinner!!! congrats friend!!!


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