Saturday, November 15, 2008

my lumpiest, bumpiest layout ever

Sometimes, I just have to get the lumpy bumpy layouts out of my system :) Then I can return to making things that fit nicely in page protectors. This one looks pretty awesome hanging in the eating area of the kitchen (think so, anyway)....

Used the Primary Winter Power Palette Addition by Creative Memories as the color inspiration for the page and embellishments. The blues are just too pretty, and they match Ellie's eyes perfectly :)

I used the Stampin' Up! Library Clip to attach that one more photo that was so important to me. And a little bling (okay, a lot of bling!) never hurt anything....

I'm really trying to get back to adding more journaling to my pages, so this was the most clever way I could go on this page. The hinges from the Grungeboard packs are so very cool - so easy to use and add great depth, don't ya think?

The two smaller photos across the bottom of the page are in Memorabilia Pockets (by Creative Memories) which are like little tiny page protectors to me, so I embellished 'em and put them on hinges to show even more cuteness of Ellie underneath 'em. This is what it looks like when you flip them up.

Did I mention that I had a lot of fun with this layout?! Stitches and staples and glitter and bling and stickers and ribbons and ric rac and hinges and paint and torn edges and felt and flowers.....


  1. gorgeous Jennie! I have lots of lumpy bumpy layouts that hang in my studio but I don't know what else to do with them...what do you do with yours??

  2. Jess, I have these four wrought-iron hooks that hang in our eating area. Then I hang those mini metal hangers (have you seen those? they're kinda trendy right now) from them. It's perfect to rotate the kids' artwork and favorite lumpy pages :)

  3. i love this rock

  4. yah that is so over the cool it makes my eyes hurt!!!


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