Saturday, April 04, 2009

I want to be an {apronista}, too!

So, I've actually spent many sleepless hours thinking about this project and creating it in my head... for like two or three months, maybe more...

I've been afraid to actually go ahead and try making this for fear that it wouldn't turn out, but, before you think I'm too nuts, look how cute and fun this is!!

Aprons are very hip right now. (Well, I think they have been for a while, but I'm a little slow sometimes to catch on! LOL) I've been oohing and ahhing over the too-cute fabric projects that are all over the blogs, and, because I'm weird like that, I've thought, "Hey, I can make that with paper!"

And I finally did yesterday!! So, here you have it, a sweet little craft apron made with almost all Stampin' Up! stuff. And, because I like to have company in my silliness, I've made a tutorial to go along with it. I'm really hoping that you all will join me and create your own paper aprons!

Supplies that I used:

All of this from Stampin' Up!:
2 12x12 sheets of Bella Rose Designer Series Paper - Riding Hood Red/Pink Pirouette gingham check
1 6x12 sheet of Bella Rose Designer Series Paper - Small Floral print
2 12x12 sheets of Chocolate Chip Designer Series Paper Patterns - Small Diamond/Floral print
1 6x12 sheet of Chocolate Chip Designer Series Paper Patterns - Lt./Dk. polka dot print
2 yds Chocolate Chip 1" wide grosgrain ribbon double stitched
4 ft Red Gingham ribbon 3/16" wide
5 ft Chocolate Grosgrain ribbon 1/4" wide

also used:
Threading Water Border Punch by Fiskars
(you could easily substitute this with Stampin' Up!'s Scallop Edge punch if you have it)
scissors, paper trimmer, ruler
and lots of red-line sticky tape (Stampin' Up! sells this as wonderful Sticky Strip, but I got mine from my friend Jody's sticky tape share, so I'm using 2 different widths)

Okie, doke? Let's get started!! Click on any of the photos that you need to see better.

Please keep in mind that this can be done so many different ways. You can follow this tutorial exactly, or feel free to change up whatever you would like! Have fun with it!

Gather your supplies:

Using your scallop border punch, get your background papers ready (the chocolate chip diamond/floral pattern are the ones that I used for this). You only need to punch the edges of the sides and bottom that will be showing. (I even screwed up one of my edges and was able to simply turn the paper so that the mistake will be behind the overlap. I love that!)

Line one unscalloped edge of a background paper with sticky strip. This needs to be the edge that will be underneath the overlap when we put these together to form the base of the apron. Please see the photos to know which edge I mean.

When you adhere these two papers together to create the base, you want the top to overlap about 2 inches, and the bottom will only overlap one little scallop, so that a bit of a "v" shape is formed (but only a bit). Do you see what I mean? Okay, so now it's time to stick these together, and you'll have the base for your apron!

Now we're going to work on the main print of the apron. (I used the red/pink gingham check papers for this part.) Trim these papers to 11" x 11.25". Adhere to the base with the sticky strip, allowing the scallops to show around the edges, and allowing a little bit of the straight edge at the top to show (but just a little bit). These will overlap slightly without necessarily matching up, but, don't worry, it looks like a sewing seam when you're done.

Now, we're going to decorate the base with the solid brown grosgrain ribbon. The pieces at the sides should be 14" long and at the bottom should be 27" long, hanging off the bottom corner edges to be tied in simple little knots after adhering (which are never really simple to me; it usually takes me a few tries to get the knots to look uniform!).

This is also the time to get your wide ribbon for the waist ties ready. That should be about 2 yards of ribbon, but make sure this will be a good amount before you cut the ribbon. Some people will need more or less depending on their size and where they like their apron to sit. Just play around with it and see where you want your apron to hang around your hips or waist. Make sure you leave plenty for tying a bow, plus a little extra for cuteness hanging off the back bow ;)

Adhere all these ribbons with as much sticky strip as you can use. You especially want the top one to be on there good and tight, and you want it to be well centered. (If you're a sewing person, this would be a good point to add some stitches for sturdiness.) This is what it should look like when you've attached the ribbons and tied your little knots at the bottom corners. (We'll do the pocket part in a minute, don't worry!)

On to the pocket! The bottom pocket layer should be 12x6" (I used the brown polka dot for that.) The top pocket layer should be trimmed to 11.5 x 5.5" (the floral is what I used).
Adhere this to the center of your apron, maybe just a tad lower than center, using lots of sticky strip along the edges and bottom, plus a strip in the center so that you have 2 small pockets.
If you can, stick it to the base with a little room for the pocket to hold things. I don't know how to explain this very well, but you want the bottom of the pocket to be completely straight on, while attaching the sides a little bit crooked to allow for room in the pockets. Does that make sense? (To make this easier, I only took off the red backing on the adhesive as I did each part, not all at once.)

Almost done!! The ribbon edge of the pocket is the last part!
The side pieces should be 8" long, and the top and bottom pieces should be 14" long, to allow that hanging over the edge for knots. Once again, you'll use that sticky strip to attach the ribbons, and then you'll tie knots at the corners.

Now you are totally done! Unless you want to get fancy and add some cute buttons or bling, maybe even some alphas for personalization..... whatever you'd like!

I'm thinking it would be fun to do some stamping or rub-ons to the papers before assembling, and I would have loved an eyelet lace border on this, but unfortunately didn't have enough on hand. And Ellie will have her own little one soon so that she keeps her sweet little mitts off of mine :)

Do you think I can call myself an apronista now?! I love that word :)

edited to add:  that apronista blog is no longer awesome artful aprons - so I'm not sure if apronista means something else now that I'm not hip to!!  LOL :)


  1. Wow! You are too cute!! LOVE the paper apron idea! It is wonderful! I'm gonna have to try this some day!

  2. Wow Jennie!!! How inspired is that. I love your paper apron. Clever you!!!

  3. OMGoodness this is sooo stinkin' cute!!!!!! What a clever idea!

  4. This is sooo cuTe! And I love that word too. Apronista!!!

    You are so clever!!

  5. How freakin cute is this?!?! You're a GENIUS!!

  6. Your apron is too CUTE!!!!! I love it and thank you for the awesome tutorial!!!!

  7. thanks for the tut Jennie! you are an apronista and a modelista! ;-D

  8. Wow, I cannot believe you made an apron out of paper!! It is sweet.


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