Saturday, May 23, 2009

a little bad with a little good...

I'm very sorry for having such a very boring blog these last couple of months (if not longer!). We've been having behavioral, er...., challenges with the kids and working on finding the reasons.

Turns out, my son has lead levels that are nearly 3x the "safe" level (is any really "safe"?). So, after much shock, we're continuing on with more tests and starting tests on my daughter. I spent more than 2 hours yesterday on the CPSC website going through recalls from the last ten years or so. Pretty dang scary when you find out that toys that have been in their rooms for years were recalled long ago because of lead paint. Even scarier when you go to throw that toy away and see the tooth marks from where they chewed on it long ago.

I've been terribly naive about toxins... thinking that mercury or aluminum would have been the issue because that's all you hear about now-a-days with the vaccines and such. We even went through the Thomas recall last year when so many of Ben's trains were swapped out because of lead paint. But, for whatever reason, I thought that lead poisoning was for paint-chip eating tots and completely outdated..... not a fun surprise to find out differently. So, I've been working on getting past the guilt, crying a little just to get it out, and reading a bunch of scary research to try to understand the implications of all this.

But, here's the good that came with the bad yesterday.....
I had just gotten off the phone with our doctor when the mail came. I was wiping my stress tears away and saw there was a Somerset magazine.
Turns out that my layout of my mum's father was published in the June issue of Sew Somerset! It looks awesome in there. I'm very proud. And it was really nice to smile and say "thanks, God" for that little moment.
Sorry for the long post, and hopefully I'll be posting much happier things from here on out!! Well, after I throw out a ton of toys this weekend.....


  1. awww...*hugs* I'm so sorry Jennie!!!! Hope you get everything worked out..and congrats on the pub! That's awesome!

  2. Gosh Jennie I am so sorry you have had this to deal with. Hope everything is getting sorted and HUGE congratulations on being published.
    Hugs x


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