Thursday, October 05, 2017

{library of old soul}

a tiny library with an old soul....

this is a little library inspired by Somerset Studio's Haunted by Miss Peregrine Challenge posted on Stampington's blog a while back.  (though this wasn't selected for publishing, I can't wait to see which ones were!)

and there's a story behind it, too.

our house is a hundred years old but renovated very much so before we bought it.
a little too much so - it felt like.

so we had our dining room converted into a dream-come-true library, complete with a bookcase that hides the servants' staircase.  it's all very harry potter :)  and it was done impeccably (by hand) by a master carpenter/contractor/extraordinaire.  really lovely.

but, during the construction, one weekend when work wasn't being done, there was a loud thunking-falling-dropping noise from that previously closed-up staircase.  and, kid you not, we were never able to find the cause.  and, the next week, the radiators in that room made such a high-pitched-crazy-loud-moaning-wail that radiators just don't usually make (and haven't since)....

so, this little library is in honor of our little library (which may or may not have a tiny old soul).
and a gift to the amazing painters that made our library look as if it's been there forever (and who happen to be a little twisted enough (in a good way) to truly appreciate this, I think)...

supplies:  stampin' up!, sizzix, inka stamps

(f.y.i.  she's stamped with staz-on ink onto acetate which is then sticky-stripped to the door frame - so she's pretty much doomed to haunt her library forever, poor sweet tiny one)

(p.s.  happy halloween - almost!)

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