Sunday, January 28, 2018

{the winged nest} 4x4 3D canvas
 The Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew
each design a 4x4 canvas in their own style
to be placed online in one huge mega-gallery.
Imagine!!  100+ 4x4 canvases, each in its own style.

For my canvas,  I had so many ideas
and starts and stops, but finally settled
on an out-of-the-box and off-the-canvas
3-dimensional work.

 "The Winged Nest" is my dream in my head, 
my business-to-be-one-day.
(I have already saved the address and blog,
so please don't take this for your own.)

Beyond that explanation,
I can't really explain. :)
Homes (and nests) are a big deal to me.
And winged things are on a spiritual level for me.

The inside needed an occupant,
and who better than this lovely gypsy.
(The house lights up with one of those little tiny bulbs
that has its own battery.) 

And here are the supplies
that were used:
mostly 7Gypsies Architextures (including packaging),
but also Stampin' Up! dies
and Prima butterfly and bird,
and one fantastic 4x4" Canvas Corp Basics canvas.

Disclosure: Some of the cost (and the 4x4 canvas) was shared by the company as a benefit of being a member of the design team.


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