Friday, May 25, 2018

{ahhh, the library}

Ahhhh, the library...

This was a dining room previously.
actual Howell and Thomas Architects original 1916 blueprint for this room - thanks to Cleveland Public Library
same room nearly a century later - before being flipped in 2014

after the flip - this is how it was when we bought the home.

and this is how it looks now, as we prepare for our next move:

It's gorgeous.

Crafted mostly by hand, with the idea in mind of

 It's the perfect mix of elegant but comfortable,
 classic but cozy.  But not stuffy or too serious.

Favorite room in the house, hands down.
(Favorite room of any house, hands down.)

 Wood paneling all done from scratch.
 Painted layer by layer by layer.
Wood beams hand hewn.
Stained glass windows pieced by hand to fit the openings.

So much talent, sweat (probably!) and, very possibly, tears went into this room.

It's an awesome room.  Dream come true.

Like stepping into a painting
... or... a book.  :)

Huge thanks and shout outs to these local, gifted artisans:

Carpentry, design, construction by Scherl Construction
Stained glass windows designed and created by Stained Glass Centre
Photos of library copyright 2018 GCCreativeStudio

designed by Mark Lewis - Stained Glass Centre
 and, since I'm not one to let any good photographs go to waste:


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