Monday, May 07, 2018

belated {happy national scrapbook day part 3}


a few months ago, I slipped on ice and conked my head pretty good.
it's made some things like crafts and computers quite the challenge!

I stepped aside from the CCB design team
and have been frustratingly horrible about returning
messages, emails and phone calls.
(my apologies for any I still haven't returned!)

 but things are looking up!
my doctor and I noticed last week that there is definite progress,
however minor, but I 'll take what I can get!

I did complete this one project:
a little art therapy, a little art journaling,
a little wit and self-deprecation during this intense time of things.
it's even a little athena-helmet-esque, don't you think? :)

and I did some step-by-step for the painting parts
of the fence and wings.

 they're in this youtube video:

supply list to come :)
possible step-by-step tutorial blog post to come, too


  1. Jennie you did an amazing job on this mixed media art! Thank you so much for sharing! Love it! And get well soon! :)

  2. Love your project. Hope you feel better soon.


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