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Do you homeschool, too?

Here are some random things from our schooling......

Things that truly benefit us and maybe could benefit you, too.

Let me know in the comments if you try any of these or have your own shares!

I love Paper Works.  Seriously.  Love!

Paper Works

 They send fantastic, beautiful, heavyweight, fun paper (I love paper) things each month.
USE-ABLE things!
Calendar, grocery and menu planning things, chore lists (LOVE these), to-do lists,
note papers, other random things that vary each month...

They don't claim to make them specifically for homeschoolers,
but I'm not entirely convinced. They're too perfect.  (You'll see!)

Use my referral link to get a discount now!
You get $5 off your first payment. I get rewarded with $5 for each new referral. 
And you get to actually USE the awesome paper things that come your way each month :)

Did you grow up in public school?
Do you remember the Book Box?!
Did you know that you can get Scholastic Reading Club delivered to your homeschool?!
Yup!  Book flyers and all!
And they still offer one dollar books sometimes :)

If you go to, you'll find information
to call and set up your account.
Let them know that you're a homeschooling school.
They've been a phenomenal resource for us for years!

Share my Class Code F6VFM
to receive 250 bonus points (that you'll be able to actually spend)
and I'll receive points, too. 


We've used this math program for a few years now.
I love it and highly recommend it!

(sorry, not a discount or an affiliate link!) 

Your Morning Basket is an awesome resource!
When they claim to "transform your homeschool one morning at a time" - 
they really mean it.  Created by a homeschool mom.

Even if you don't commit each morning (like me!), there are great suggestions
and inspiration for lesson plans and reference materials.

I can't say enough good things about it.
(sorry, also not a discount or an affiliate link!)

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